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How Much Chinese Girls Like Foreigners

CHINESE GIRLS MARRY FOREIGNERS TO GET OUT OF COUNTRY ??C SURVEY By Graham Earnshaw PEKING, March 17, Reuter - When a girl in China marries a foreigner, it is often not so much a case of "love at first sight" as "passport at first sight." A survey conducted by the Chinese government indicates that many Chinese women are marrying foreigners to get out of the country, and people involved admit that love is often a secondary factor. The survey, published by the official magazine Science of Law, said that more than 95 per cent of Chinese people who marry foreigners are girls, and up to 99 per cent leave China to live elsewhere. "A very high proportion of the people who marry foreigners see it as a way of getting out of the country," the magazine said. In normal circumstances, the number of people who want to leave the country and the number whose partners want to stay in China should be about equaL, it said, but added: "According to official statistics, more th…
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